Support Families

Conservative values lead to the most opportunities for families to succeed. Our principles of limited government can help restore the in-home daycares that were regulated out of existence. Our principles of low taxation can put more money back into family budgets, and our principles of educational freedom can put parents back into the driver’s seat when it comes to their child’s learning. In all decisions I make, the Minnesota family will always come first.

Protect Our Constitutional Rights

America was founded as a Constitutional Republic, and our Constitution set the framework for limited government that cannot interfere with our basic, God-given rights, including the right to life, and the right to protect ourselves. As your state senator, I will not only protect the unborn and the Second Amendment, but will fight to stop unconstitutional government overreach, and for our government to strictly adhere to our founding document.

Spend Smartly

The recent debacle at DHS is just one example of how government agencies grossly waste our hard-earned money. As your state senator I will hold these agencies accountable, and will take a scrupulous eye to spending proposals before me.

Encourage Economic Growth

I want Minnesota to be a business-friendly state, and believe we need to further open the dialogue between our business community and the Legislature. Oftentimes lawmakers with little-to-no insight into how businesses thrive are creating the very policies that stifle growth. I’d like to see a greater dialogue between our lawmakers and our business community in order to figure out where government gets in the way of success. When businesses thrive, Minnesotans prosper.

Improve Healthcare

Minnesota is home to the global epicenter of health innovation and care – and as such should be given the opportunity to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges. From developing the critically-needed life-saving innovations, to figuring out how payers and providers can better work together to reduce costs for the patients, Minnesota lawmakers should do everything in their power to help foster this community’s health and ability to succeed.