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Julia Coleman standing against wall of local business

As a member of the Senate Education Committee, and a mother with children who will enter our schools, I am passionate about ensuring that the next generation of Minnesotans have access to quality education, focusing on improved literacy and proficiency in mathematics. My legislative record demonstrates this passion, and I am committed to continuing to work hard for our students.

Part of ensuring an excellent education is helping impeccable teachers to thrive. I introduced legislation in my first year to bring high-quality teachers into our schools from all backgrounds, while eliminating the outdated “last in, first out” policy that expels good teachers from our schools simply based on seniority.

I heard loud and clear from our schools that addressing the special education cross-subsidy is key to helping our local schools thrive, which is why I voted in favor of legislation to help close this gap.

I also believe it is incredibly important that our parents are involved in their children’s education, and have complete transparency in the curriculum the students are being taught. Parents must be an integral part of deciding the curriculum and values being taught in our schools.

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