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  • Minnesotans For

    Minnesotans For

    Affordable Health Insurance

    Supports the political candidates who believe in access to affordable health insurance coverage for all Minnesotans.

  • Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

    Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

    Leadership Fund PAC

    Supports electing pro-business/pro-jobs candidates to the Minnesota State Legislature and other constitutional offices.

  • MN Farm Bureau

    MN Farm Bureau

    MN Farm Bureau PAC

    The Minnesota Farm Bureau is an advocate for agriculture driven by the beliefs and policies of farmers, their families, and the food they grow and raise in Minnesota.

  • MN Police and Peace Officers

    MN Police and Peace Officers


    The MPPOA is the largest association representing public safety professionals in the State of Minnesota.

  • Young Republicans

    Young Republicans

    MN Young Republicans Victory Fund

    the Minnesota Young Republicans are the premier networking group for young professionals and political activists in Minnesota from ages 18 to 40.

  • Women LEAD MN

    Women LEAD MN

    Women LEAD MN PAC

    Women LEAD is an organization that connects, encourages, and promotes Minnesota’s fiscally-conservative women leaders.

  • MN Citizens Concerned for Life

    MN Citizens Concerned for Life

    MCCL State PAC

    MCCL is Minnesota's oldest and largest pro-life organization.

  • Jim Nash

    Jim Nash

    State Representative

    "I believe that Julia Coleman is the candidate that will best represent the voices of Carver County in the State Senate and I whole-heartedly give her my full endorsement"

  • Dr. Scott Jensen

    Dr. Scott Jensen

    State Senator

    "Julia Coleman is the candidate who I believe will bring a servant's heart to the Legislature on behalf of Carver County"

  • Michelle Benson

    Michelle Benson

    State Senator

    "As we grapple with the impact of school openings, child care and economic turmoil, Julia brings a necessary and new perspective as she advocates for families, employers and local communities."

  • Steve Washburn

    Steve Washburn

    Watertown Mayor

    "Carver County needs leaders like Julia Coleman -- solid conservatives who are committed to bringing young people into the Republican Party!"

  • Gayle Degler

    Gayle Degler

    Carver County Commissioner

    "Julia Coleman serves with passion, dignity and determination. I have no doubt that she will bring that same energy to the State Legislature to make Carver County proud!"

  • Karin Housley

    Karin Housley

    State Senator

    "Julia is the breath of fresh air that Republicans need in the State Senate. Her long resume of fighting for conservative causes and her record of winning big in the suburbs gives me hope for the future of the Republican Party."

  • Tim Lynch

    Tim Lynch

    Carver County Commissioner

    "Julia Coleman goes out of her way to connect with people across Carver County, and stands strong in her beliefs. She will make a great State Senator and will serve the people of Carver County well!"

  • Deborah Everson

    Deborah Everson

    Watertown Councilmember

    "Julia's enthusiasm and grit show me that she has the passion and energy to engage younger voters, fight for our 2nd Amendment rights and give parents the opportunity to choose what is best for their children. Julia will be a solid, conservative voice for Carver County and the Republican Party."